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Solutions for a Cleaner
Sustainable Future


From the depths of our oceans to the highest mountain-tops, plastic rubbish has been discovered. We are facing a global disaster of epic proportions, as our world succumbs to the growth of our economic and consumer needs, which in turn rapidly scales up the demand for much needed rural and metropolitan energy distribution.


Meet VULKAN Energy. Introducing a business model unlike any other. We are here to be part of the solution and to address these problems.


VULKAN is a Plastic Waste Solution

In 2019 the worlds main Recycler of plastic waste was China. However, they've stopped accepting plastic waste from foreign countries as they focus on their own concerns. This has affected Western Nations that depended on China. VULKAN is here to help solve these issues at the root of the problem, while also offering profitable solutions.

It's the 21st Century, there exists technology & innovation today that can drastically change the way we live, so that future generations can continue to enjoy life on a tiny Planet, located in a lonely Solar System, within a small Galaxy, existing in an infinite Universe.

Hydro 3.jpg

Green Energy Investments

Our Mandate is for Green Energy. Indonesia is one of the prime locations for both Mini-Hydro power & Mini GeoThermal power generation. Over the next 5 years Vulkan will expand its portfolio into various Green Energy projects across the archipelago.

Vulkan Mech V100 s.png

Pyro Mech - Prototype V100

A Modular, and efficient Pyrolysis machine that processes plastic waste into fuel energy. Our prototype mech was designed in collaboration with local pyro engineers, for ease of use and has already passed feasability studies in the field. Our next milestone, Bigger.

VULKAN Energon Cube.png

Energon Qubes - Phase 2

Our Future Energon Qubes will be a solution for less developed countries to tackle their plastic waste problems directly from the source and will be able to be shipped around the world in a 20ft container. Simple & effective.

Vulkan Maritime.jpg

Direct PTP Energy Distribution

A Peer-to-Peer distribution program with the right clients ensures us a revenue stream supporting our Philanthropic efforts. This is key to the success of VULKAN. We're selective in partnering with clients that already engage in the maritime sector and cargo logistics.

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