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VULKAN has collaborated with independent engineering groups around Indonesia to perfect our Plastic > Energy mechs. We call them, Pyro Mechs. The technology of turning plastic into fuel is not new and has been around since the 1940s.

What we've managed to achieve that others could not, is develop an affordable, lightweight, compact & robust machine that performs at an extreme level of efficiency.
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Research & Development

Our latest Prototype model is 10okg. The Pyro units are streamlined to process LDPE, PE and PP polymers, The main plastics that are hard to up-cycle.


Alternative, Sustainable Diesel fuel is the end product. As an archipelago nation, we have curated Vulkan's business model, specifically for Indonesia.


VULKAN engineering technology is home grown, we limit imports of materials that can be sourced  within Indonesia. Ensuring swift deployment that's scalable, efficient and timely.

Our current R&D focuses on a 20ft Container off-grid Pyro Energon Qube. For those hard to reach places.

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Blockchain Management

Implementing Blockchain and IOT technology into the Vulkan OS, streamlines traceability not only for the origins of waste plastic, but also the carbon off-set for emissions compared to other recycling methods.

The Vulkan Dapp will connect our entire eco-system while also offering a simple and easy way of being part of the Vulkan mision and vision.

VKN Token

As the world of crypto digital finance becomes widely accepted, many companies and countries are looking into how it can benefit society while at the same time being of value to the company and the markets.


In the coming months Vulkan will introduce the VKN Token. A Bounty Token to reward those who will join our vision for a more sustainable planet.

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