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Pyro Model

The Pyro Mech

Our product. A compact and easy to operate mech which can be powered by a common LPG/Propane tank. Our Mechs are designed to capture the emissions which are passed through 4 sets of heavy duty filters, that then allows the propane/syngas by-product to be captured and re-routed to an electric generator, which in turn then charges a battery Power Wall.


Built to last and fabricated from  stainless steel, we destroy the current traditional PTE machines on offer which are big and cumbersome. Our current 100kg prototype unit can be installed wherever there is road truck access.


Our Mechs are efficient and optimized to extract as much fuel oil as possible, for example - a 100kg unit, will process 70 liters of fuel in 7hrs. The alternative Diesel & Gasoline finds new life and supports many energy end users of which Maritime are a main potential end client.


Results: Diesel 70% - Lite Fuel 15% - SynGas 10%

Processing Plants
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VULKAN Processing Plants are the core operations in cleaning up the Nation. We'll install 100s of modular plants around Indonesia over the course of 6 years. These plants will be strategically built near the main dump sites around the archipelago and ports.

We will process up to 1 tonne a day of plastic waste. Starting in Bali. With the fuels going strsight to the maritime industry and its thousands of vessels.

We are 100% curated for Indonesia and her 1000 Islands that span across well over 5000 kilometers.

By Q3 2024 Each Pyro Mech Unit will be monitored on the
Blockchain implementing the VULKAN Utilities Data Suite.

Controlled by a Mobile Dapp
Vulkan logo s.png
Vulkan logo s.png
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Direct PTP Distribution

Existing goods and services shipping companies which include land and sea, are abundant in Indonesia, seeing as our nickname is, The Thousand Islands.


Land and maritime shipping routes primarily use diesel for their vehicles and vessels. Our modular systems can be plonked anywhere there is road access, up and running in 2 days. Where there is a slab foundation laid, we will come.

Shipping logistics of the maritime industry never stops in Indonesia. Neither does the trash. Among those companies that choose to use Vulkan fuel, do so at 50% less emissions downstream output during the production of the fuel.

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Energon Qubes

Indonesia is ranked second by the World Economic Forum as oceanic polluters. Most of the trash escapes into the ocean from waterways and busy ports. However, the problem is not isolated to just Indonesia as other less developed countries are also struggling in a tsunami of waste generated from regional and state mis-management.

Meet our Energon Qubes. A highly efficient 20ft container built with streamlined tech operations and a UI run on the VULKAN Dapp and Blockchain. Our Qubes will be a  scalable and modular package that can be shipped anywhere in the world and installed in a few days.


Equipped with 2 x 150kg Pyro Mech, 1 x Fuel Pump for dispensing the Diesel, a 500ltr Holding tank and a Solar system with Power Wall. Once the 'Lego' installation is complete, the container serves as the HQ office running the operations of processing plastic into sustainable energy.

Web3.0 graphic.gif
Energon Qube - Complete Installation
Digital Fuel Pump Blockchain IOT
Energon Qube Locations
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Web3.0 Management

Blockchain has been proven to streamline logistics companies to degrees never seen before. Great examples of this are MAERSK and IBM, improving company efficiency by up to 40%. As a company that looks to spread across the archipelago it is important to reduce human error.

Blockchain Traceability Tech will be a key part of our entire eco-system. Not only focusing on collecting crucial data from collecting and processing the plastic, but also downstream to our clients to financially manage whether they purchase fuel from us or we purchase from them.

Web3.0 will streamline Vulkan operations across Indonesia.

Vulkan X logo.png

The Dapp Communicates Information Over WiFi or Bluetooth to the Mechs.

Both Pyro Mechs and
the Energon Qubes.

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